Newsletter Templates

September Newsletter Templates

Several newsletter pages to make your first newsletter of the year quick and easy to put together!

October Newsletter Templates

Page templates to make your October newsletter a breeze. Includes Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en images.

November Newsletter Templates

Newsletter templates free for use in November!

December Newsletter Templates

December is always busy in schools. Here is a shortcut for you to use to create a concert program or a newsletter!

January Newsletter Templates

The days are short and cold, but here are some free newsletter templates to warm you up!

February Newsletter Templates

Love day, Family Day, Teachers Convention – February has a lot to offer… including these newsletter templates!

March Newsletter Templates

Leprechauns, crocuses, lions and lambs… maybe even spring break. Here are some March templates for newsletters.

April Newsletter Templates

Easter, butterflies, flowers and mud puddles. Here are some April templates for your newsletter.

May Newsletter Templates

Warmer weather, camping, track meets – May is an amazing month, and the countdown to summer is on!

June Newsletter Templates

Here comes the sun!! And some templates to help you finish your year with some colour!!

July Newsletter Templates

…because someone has to teach summer school!!

August Newsletter Templates

Don’t worry. It’s still summer holidays. But some teachers like to send out a newsletter right away!