Templates for creating newsletters using Google Slides. One for every month!

Paper Templates

An assortment of papers for annotating on during instruction.

Google Classroom Banners

An assortment of banners to customize your Google Classroom with!

One Pagers

Templates for creating “One Pager” resources.

Letters & Clip Art

Alphabets and images for copy-pasting to jazz up your classroom resources.


An assortment of schedule templates to fit your classroom.

Bitmoji Classrooms

Templates to help you create your own digital classroom quickly!

Print Photos

Templates with predetermined sizes for printing photos easily.

Video Assets

Some video intros and outros for you to embellish your recordings with!

Meet The Teacher

A few templates to fill in and project at your Meet the Teacher night.


Templates to create games to use in your classroom!

Audio Exam Books

An assortment of booklets to use for pre-recorded exams. These sets have a similar look and feel as the paper exams.

100 Slide Backgrounds

A deck of 100 slides containing vibrant backgrounds for all manner of classroom usage.

140 Scrapbook Backgrounds

A slide deck with an assortment of patterned backgrounds akin to scrapbooking paper.