Grade 6 – Science

Forensics Digital Escape!

A Digital Escape room to serve as the concluding activity for the Evidence & Investigation unit in Grade 6 Science,

Moon Animation

Using Google Slides, students cover the phases of the moon, and when played at a quick speed, it is a stop motion animation.

Mystery Case File

A template for teachers to design a crime scene for students to solve.

Science 6 Jeopardy

A review of all 5 units of study in the grade 6 science curriculum. Biuilt in Flippity, it will keep score for each of 4 teams.


16 slides (with videos) for teaching and learning about air. Experiments were done by teachers and filmed.

Experiments – Air

6 experiments for the Air & Aerodynamics unit of study.

Air Exists!

The question set to accompany the slides covering the topic of air.

Parts of an Airplane

A matching exercise to assist students with learning the parts of an airplane.

Air Experiments Part 2

6 Experiments and 2 Demonstrations for the air and aerodynamics unit.

Air Part 2 Questions

Questions for students to consider and respond to as they watch the content in the Air 2 slide set.

Air Part 3

Videoed experiments and slides for air & Aerodynamics. Bernoulli’s Principle included.

Air – Part 2

The second set of videos and experiments for the air & Aerodynamics unit.

Air Part 3 Questions

Questions for students to consider and respond to as they go through the slides of Air Part 3.

Air – Student Assignment

A set of review questions where students apply the learning from the air & aerodynamics unit.

Off the Ground Poster

An assignment for students to apply the learning from the air & aerodynamics unit. Rubric included.

Air Experiments – Part 3

Questions to accompany the videoed experiments and demonstrations in the Air Part 3 Slide set.

Sky Science Unit Test

A summative examination for the Sky Science Unit.

Tree Cookies

22 slides for teaching and learning about dendrodiscs.

Trees & Forests Unit Test

A self grading google form multiple choice test for the Trees and Forests unit.

Air & Aerodynamics Test

A multiple choice test for summative assessment of the Air & Aerodynamics unit. Images are repeated as necessary to allow teachers to select “shuffle question order”.