Grade 4 – Science

Many thanks to the grade 4 PLC and the Grade 4 team at Ross Ford for their many contributions to this grade 4 resource bank.

Light & Shadow Introduction

A deck of 5 slides to start your Light & Shadows Unit. Movie reflection document is linked.

Characteristics of Light

12 slides to utilize with students to identify the sources and characteristics of light.

Transparent, Translucent, Opaque

9 slides to work with students on the concepts of transparency, translucency, and opaqueness.


14 slides for teaching and learning about shadows.


The fourth lesson in this series of slide decks about Light and Shadows. 15 slides to assist teachers and students.

Refracted Light

14 slides to assist with teaching and learning about refracted light.

Light & Colour

11 slides for learning about light and how light breaks into colours.

How We See

The eighth segment of the slide sets for light and shadows. This 7 slide set will assist with teaching students how light plays a role in vision.

Optical Devices

Inquiry-based learning ideas for light and shadows.

Light Unit Review

9 slides to review the concepts learned in the Light & Shadows unit.

KEY – Unit Review

The answer key companion to the Unit Review slide set.

Light Experiments

Light & Shadow Experiments that follow the scientific method.

Needs of Living Things

Students find images of things that plants and animals need to survive.

Biodegradable, or not?

Students are provided with a selection of images they need to sort to identify if the item is biodegradable, or not.

Methods of Disposal

A template that asks students to consider the ways we dispose of waste, and the pros and cons of each.

My Seed Journal

A digital journal for students to record images and observations of their bean plant’s growth.

Environmental Habits

A page asking students to consider good and bad habits they possess that impact the environment.

Waste & Packaging

Considering environmentally friendly packaging of items in our homes.

How do Seeds Travel?

Two pages of notes about seeds and their mechanisms for propagating.

Simple Machines Hunt

A scavenger hunt that challenges students to locate simple machines in their homes.

Sun Safety & Eyes

A page asking students to consider good and bad habits they possess that impact the environment.


A fill-in-the-blank activity (with a word bank) about the sun and shadows.

Reflection & Refraction

Student notes about reflection and refraction.

W&OW Student Booklet

A booklet of activities for the Waste and our World unit of study.

Building – Lab Stations

16 pages of hands-on lab stations to explore devices that move.

Wheels & Levers

A student booklet of 25 pages to work through concepts pertaining to wheels and levers.