Senior High Google Classrooms 

We are over the moon to be able to offer some ready-to-use Google Classrooms to our senior high teachers in Chinook’s Edge. The creation of these classrooms involved a group of master teachers in each subject area coming together collaboratively, bringing their very best pedagogical resources and experience to the table.

They even brought their very best assessments to this project. Out of respect for the amount of time and energy it takes to create a robust, valid exam, the security of the assessments must be guarded diligently.  Before you request a Google Classroom, please read the following two points:

    IMPORTANT – assessment requirements for these classrooms

    1. Please note that summative assessments must be written in person.
    2. Tests may be shared with students for feedback, and then must be collected and stored to maintain security.

    If you are an employee of Chinook’s Edge School Division, are willing to guard the integrity of the assessments, and you’d like to have a copy of one (or more) of these Google Classrooms, please fill out this form, and allow 48 hours for the copy to arrive in your Google Classroom Workspace.

    Grade 10 Classrooms

    • Science 10
    • Math 10C

    Grade 11 Classrooms

    • Biology 20
    • Math 20-2
    • General & Personal Psychology 20

    Grade 12 Classrooms

    • English 30-1
    • Math 30-2
    • Social Studies 30-1
    • Social Studies 30-2